If I am allergic to Eucalyptus should I use this?

No, unfortunately this is not the product for you.  

How long is the roll of tape?  How wide is the roll of tape?

Eucatape is 10 Yds long, and 1 1/2 inches wide.

How did Eucatape Start?

For the past 13 years (over 130 shows a year)  I've been using tape to protect my hands.  One fateful day my wife convinced me to visit a spa with her, with much hesitance I ended up going.  The entire time I was there I was smelling this aroma that totally relaxed me.  The massage therapist said it was Eucalyptus, and then and there a lightbulb went off in my head and I started thinking, "Why are my feet so ticklish", no, I'm kidding, I found myself wondering if I could mix this smell with the tape I use when playing drums.  

I started infusing my hand drumming tape in Eucalyptus and found that it not only had a relaxing tone to it, it actually helped me with how I played.  I felt as if I could play longer, and because of the smell I could enjoy my drumming environment more.  As well, I figured out that because of the healing qualities in Eucalyptus my hands weren't hurting as much.

Who is Drum Nerd?

Drum Nerd is Ryan Lacey.  Over the past 19 years Ryan has been touring, recording, and co-producing for the internationally acclaimed band Gaelic Storm. The years prior to that Ryan graduated from Los Angeles Music College with two degrees, one in hand percussion and one on drum set.Prior to that, Ryan worked as a touring musician throughout Europe for bands such as Guava, Orangewood, Sarah Lynch.

He also performed in the Off-Broadway Show "Repo the Genetic Opera" in their house band. It went on to become a major motion picture which Ryan helped record the soundtrack.